I have decided to misrepresent my week a little bit here. If I were truthful, about half of this post would be work related and boring but who wants to read about me whine. SO – I have pulled out the few gems (which actually are gems) from my work week to give you a idea of what I have been up to.

MONDAY // TUESDAY • It was rainy and the wind had that sort of scary quality about it that makes me look cautiously at my window (you know what I mean – the whistle noise). I took this as a sign I needed to stay put in my studio. So I spent the day cranking out some graphic work, wishing the weather would be what it was a week ago when I was wearing sandals like the adorable ones above.

WEDNESDAY // I logged a lot of studio time and found my new favorite everyday earrings. I love the little art deco, almost edgy vibe.

THURSDAY • I enjoyed a lovely trip to the office of STITCH Design Co, to discuss printing some fun projects with them (yeah!). I have major respect for those girls, professionally and personally, and their office and press shop is a graphic designers dream. Nestled in downtown Charleston, it’s a little building full of natural light, incredible inspiration boards, and like 7 mac computers. They also get bonus points for being a few blocks down from Sugar Bakeshop (my favorite cupcake shop you see me frequent on instagram). I left feeling really inspired which is something I have been really needing lately.

Then that night, Nelson and I went to one of our favorite little neighborhood spots called Two Burroughs Larder for Valentines Day. It’s this great little hipster spot (I use the word hipster lightly) that has a great wine list and delicious local food. I was thrilled to go somewhere easy. Not that I dont like super fancy restaurants, I love them, but I much prefer going somewhere easy on a night everywhere else is packed. Much better for conversation. I like to save the special restaurants for the random Tuesday night when you need a touch of glam.

FRIDAY // Today I have a coffee date with the photographer/blogger combo Olivia Rae James at Black Tap to discuss snapping some shots of me for my new creative site. Her work has this lovely soft etherial quality that I love so much. You really see the person through her lens. So heres hoping that she likes me enough to deal with my photo awkwardness.

Hope everyone had a good work week and incredible weekend plans! Love to hear about them!


4 thoughts on “WEEK AT A GLANCE

  1. Hanna,
    I have sent 2 emails to different addresses asking about some custom work for a cipher.
    I would love to hear back so as to be able to make a decision.

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