For some reason I have been obsessing over polka dots and finding the perfect leather skirt  (which I did today! I got the brown so I could wear it into the summer on nights it wasn’t too hot.) I think I was feeling regretful for not having snagged one at a more seasonally appropriate time. So it makes total sense for both to sneak their way into my TAKE NOTE post for today. Happy Tuesday!

1. Micheal Van Der Ham Printed Silk top $585 (yikes – I know but it was too pretty not to post) 2. Han Kjobenhavn™ paul senior sunglasses $134  3. Boutique Leather Skirt $170  3. J.Crew Kira Sandals $138 4. Double Spot Flippy Dress $76  5. J.Crew Etta Canvas Stripe Pumps $250 

9 thoughts on “TAKE NOTE

  1. I’m obsessing over polka dots at the moment too! The dress is so so lovely. And I can’t wait until it’s warm enough here for bright sandals again! x

  2. I have bought six polka dot items in the last week. I’m pretty sure I’ll burn out on them soon, but I get so many compliments when I wear it. And it makes me feel so girly.

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