Since 2009, Emerson Fry (then Emersonmade) has been a company I really admired. I have never felt like they were anything but themselves – always genuine, always quirky and of course, always chic. I mean they used to have baby ducks (or was it chicks?!) all over their website and it made total sense. The photography was random as hell and it was perfect. There were quotes and quips that felt more like pleasantries than marketing ploys. The whole thing was refreshing to say the least, and defined by the designer as “a company that believes in celebrating the uniqueness of the individual, the joy of being alive and all the smallness that makes up the Big Beautiful.”

Since her beginnings, she has seriously kicked it up a few notches. Her brand has evolved into an incredible apparel and accessories line with her husband/business partner, Ryan. I could not be any more pleased.

The shots above are a small glimpse into her Spring 2013 collection that launches THIS monday. It blew me away. The ease of it – the nod to a traditional and indie lifestyle – the muted and so wearable color palate. I hate to use such an over-used and slightly obnoxious expression but… I want it all. And I mean it. So serious kuddos to Mrs. Emerson for creating something that feels both aspirational and accustomed. Do check out the line in full here. You wont be disappointed.

4 thoughts on “POINT OF VIEW

  1. I’m obsessed!! Thanks for reminder about the launch, I would’ve forgotten and missed it! It sells out so fast!

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