So this whole time I was telling myself, its cool, you only stopped blogging for like a month. Right? Big wrong. I have been MIA since late April. I actually had to count the months out on my fingers 2 times before I believed it had really been that long. Yikes.

I also had to look to do a little wordpress refresher late last night and I do web design for a living. Super sad, but also sorta good because I got a break that I needed in a time I probably needed it most.

Nelson and I have been in our new house in Louisville for a little over a month and between unpacking, settling in, keeping on top of work and also traveling for work I kinda just lost the blog. Or rather, I think I let it slip away. Though it can be very entertaining, making collages out of sandals and skirts isn’t as appealing when the ones you actually own are trapped in some horrible box somewhere. #perspective

So I just stepped away for a second, and put all my time and attention into getting the house in order and making some new friends. And though I wish I could juggle a million things at once, I am very glad I gave myself a breather.

Louisville has been wonderful to us so far, and though we miss Charleston, our little house on Leland Road makes me miss it a whole lot less. It really has been the perfect “first house” and we have already gotten some projects under our belt like painting the brick exterior a creamy white, outfitting the hardwood with natural rugs, and ordering some furniture and fabric samples with the guidance (and patience) of Lindsay Souza of The Pursuit of Style. She is truly a saint, and a talented one at that! … Hey Lindsay.

But now that I am actually blogging again, I am excited to start sharing some of these projects with you. I can be a bit of a “wait and see” sorta girl so I am going to try really hard to cool my control freak jets and show you things bit by bit. I have never had an opportunity to do an interior project on this scale before (we have only been in apartments in the past) and I am just so eager to learn and expirience the industry. Interior design has always intrgued me so I am going to try to soak up as much as I can. With Lindsay only a text message away, I know I can’t mess it up too badly! Wish me luck!

• • •

Considering Brunschwig & Fils Sea Vine for the living room draperies  •  Loved the graphic work on this book cover  •  Soane Britain is my new favorite interior company I cannot afford. Those sconces are darling. Check out their rattan pieces •  This dress by Ellery … my goodness…if only. Please don’t tell me if you get it. Ill hate you. But I did order a pair of boots similar to the ones she’s rocking from Loeffler Randall. I made the crazy mistake of dragging my feet on a pair last year and you better believe I will have some fab black booties this fall. Lesson learned.  •  Tibi crushed it this fall in my humble opinion. The shape and structure on this aqua crop top is amazing.  •  This necklace is fun. But not toooo fun. A great add-it-to-anything accessory •  Pixie Market is my new favorite “could be amazing, could be horrible on me” store. Some of their stuff really is crazy good. Like this fringe separate? If you told me Moda Operandi I would have believed you.  I ordered a few pieces and was really pleased.   •  I am obsessed with the new Emerson Fry thin strap heel. I got two colors and wore the hell out of them for 4 days straight in New York. If that isn’t a stamp of approval I don’t know what is.   •  I don’t know whats prettier… the espadrille or the photography.   •  I know I am crazy late to the game but Santal 33 is just the best thing that ever happened to me. It smells beyond amazing…like the perfect half way point between cologne and perfume. I spray it in the morning and its there when I get home. lovely.   •  I also enjoyed this white embroidered Tibi top while in New York! Paired it with the Emerson Fry thin straps and some linen trousers by Theory (also here).   •   Considering this wallpaper for the house   •  Love that shot of rust on these sandals.   •   Miroslava Duma looking retro in the right way.   •  Snagged an ink on paper from Catherine Jones.  •  I not really a chevron girl but for this Jennifer Fisher ring, I will make an exception.


I truly believe a comfortable bedroom can change your whole outlook on life. It is the start of my world on most days, as I often choose to write my blog posts or do some work atop my freshly made bed. I love to see my two cavaliers still snoozy on the duvet, happy little faces turned toward the sunshine that is starting to pour in the room. Even if I am already working a deadline, or know it will be a crazy day, I feel a little more restful and confident because that bed feels and looks like my happy place. I am rooted there, in my bedroom, to comfort, calm and quality. That wonderful feeling is in large part, to Matouk.

I am so excited to finally share this partnership and incredible giveaway with you all. It combines two things I am terribly interested in, dogs and linens. Styling the room and and getting the puppies to pose for pictures filled our Easter weekend with some happy family time as I brought Nelson upstairs to help me keep the two in place for as long as we could.

Being able to bring Matouk to my readers makes me feel like everything is starting to come full circle in a pinch-me sort of way. I started this blog as a casual way to share what I loved about design, and here I am getting to offer one of my all-time favorite brands to you personally. A lucky someone will get the most incredible package on their front door step in a few short weeks. I love the feeling that this blog helped it get there.

Bedding has always been one of my favorite aspects of home decor, considered in the mix of paint colors and fabric samples when starting on a room. If you took a peak at my linen closet, you could easily see that Matouk has played a large part in that. They are truly my favorite linen company. Their bedding has been a part of most all of my life phases since college. I got my first set, a bright fun pattern, for my first real (and tiny) apartment.  Then there was the classic white set that we put on our registry for our wedding. For our first home, there was the set I saved for to make the guest room feel as comfortable and welcoming as I could. And now, as we head off to Louisville, Kentucky, I will have a set to bring with me, c/o Matouk. As sappy as that sounds, I find so much comfort in that kind gesture right now. I know it will bring so much happiness to our new home. I also know the winner will feel the same when their set arrives.

Matouk has decided to kindly give away the same Butterfield sheets that Wallace and Henrietta are pictured with above (pillowcases, fitted sheet, and flat sheet!) to one of my Instagram followers.  If you’d like to enter to win them, the rules are as follows


Follow @matouklinens and @gadabout on instagram

Upload a picture of your own pet on your bed

Use the hashtag #Matouksbestfriend

Whoever gets the most likes on Instagram will win the set of sheets in their color choice.

I cannot wait to see all the entries! Best to all who enter!


A total highlight of this spring was getting to partner with Matouk Linens for a little product styling with the pups and a truly amazing (and generous) giveaway! Though I can not release anything until tomorrow, there will be a little snipit on Instagram later today! 

Sleepy Jones really takes the cake . Their products (and marketing) are quirky, sophisticated and classic. I love all of their new arrivals 

I am thrilled for the release of “One Man’s Folly” by Julia Reed. I have not been this excited for a design book since Tom Scheerer Decorates. I cannot wait to get my copy!

Like last year, Nelson, Henrietta, Wallace and I spent yesterday with the Brock’s and friends for Easter Sunday. We all had the best time and ran the gamut on Easter fare (Bloody’s, Southsides, Deviled Eggs…)  Olivia and Walker are the perfect hosts and the puppies always love to get together. Follow or check out instagram for Olivia’s lovely place setting and details from the day. I hope you all had a lovely holiday with friends or family!