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Shini Park ( of Park & Cube ) has got it going on. Her voice is strong, her photography is incredible, and her outfit posts are aspirational, yet optimistically obtainable. Not to mention her blog is beautifully designed and so much fun to explore. Shini’s approach to fashion feels straightforward, honest, and timeless – adjectives I sartorially strive for everyday . Her combinations of classic and contemporary pieces inspire real-life longevity in my own closet, encouraging me to build a collection instead of simply collecting clothes.  Slowly but surely she has become a bit of a fashion icon for me.




8 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE

  1. What a great find, I love learning about new (to me) blogs! I equally love her simple and classic style, her writing along with the outfits are great too!

  2. I adore her classic style! I feel the same way about shopping for cloths. I really want to change my focus from adding new pieces for the sake of having something new, and focus more on classic investment pieces. The few investment pieces I own are on constant rotation and well worth the investment! This is how I mainly shop for interiors, and I’m typically much more happy with the outcome.

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