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I was having a lunch date with a dear friend last week and amongst the regular chitchat and harmless gossip, she made mention of a new sportswear company called Trademark. After hearing her describe the line, I couldn’t wait to find time to peruse the lookbook.

Surprise, surprise, it is perfection. Think a Chloe color palette + Kate Spade Saturday cuts. There is polish, reserve and practicality at play here.

Started by Pookie and her sister Louisa Burch, Trademark is the result of three-years of hard work and continuous inspiration. And it shows. Feeling both aspirational and obtainable, the collection is the product, I believe, of a youthful, yet very discerning eye. Children and step-children to J. Christopher Burch and Tory Burch respectively, I think it is safe to say that this level of sophistication and style comes quite naturally.

“Trademark’s aesthetic is an extension of the pair’s own collective fashion experience, which includes summers spent in Nantucket searching for the consummate sweater; scouring Tokyo or other exotic locales for inspiration; and collecting Breton-striped shirts.”

  “We wanted to create something at an attainable price point with really simple, thought-out designs in classic and recognizable silhouettes,” Pookie, 29, told

And I am so glad they did. With an exclusive online launching later this month, I am already counting down the days.

e-commerce site:  • prices range from $28 to $440.




One of my favorite ways to appreciate the graphic design community is to scan through online inspiration catalogs. I am usually floored by what creatives bring to life, often pinning or saving pieces for future inspiration. While scrolling through Design Work Life and Packaging Design Served the other day, I caught a glimpse of a project for Valuso Chocolate that took my breath away. I just had to share it with you.

Aren’t they so darling? I think I would purchase every flavor just to have each of the wrappers.

 I took some time to learn more about the creative team, Marie Jacob and Julia Strathmann and loved what I found.  Though they only had a short bio, I gathered that both girls come together independently to form Jacob | Reischel, a design firm based in Berlin. They each have backgrounds in industrial design, and independently specialize in photography and graphics.  Thought their bio was short, their portfolio did all the talking. When I saw all of their projects nestled together on one page, I knew this would be group that I would be paying close attention to from now on.

“Romantic, modern, and a touch industrial, their portfolio has the type of direction and balance I strive for with my own work. I cannot get enough.”

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If any of you follow me on instagram you know I am the crazy dog girl. We just got a second pup weeks ago and the only, and I mean only, issue has been that little miss Wallace got her paws on my favorite pair of Warby Parker glasses. Though I spent two weeks looking at the world through scratchy specs, the silver lining here is I got to shop for a new pair! Though it was a tough decision, I ended up picking the Percy and Sinclair. Two classic frames that fit my oval face shape perfectly.

While perusing their site for some personal shopping, their newest collaborative collection with Leith Clark caught my eye. Stylist, editor, and creative multi hyphenate, you may have seen Leith’s work in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue editorials, and throughout the pages of Lula magazine, which she founded.

The dream team released  five new feminine frames that are sophisticated, fun, and retro as all get out. Don’t even get me started on the marketing materials which I so enjoyed laying out this morning.