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There is always that one woman at a party who is wearing a particular piece that gives you a serious pang of envy. It rarely screams “look at me!”, but is rather a subtle statement that oozes confidence. It might be a new spin on the tux jacket, an artfully cut cashmere sweater, or a simple tee in exquisite silk…The unexpected masters of this luxe simplicity are former child stars, the Olsen twins”


I could not agree more. I love Mary Kate’s style, and Ashley’s approach to fashion.  What is most admirable about them is that they always look like they are dressing for themselves, not the camera. They appear comfortable and confident in their own skin, picking classic pieces and wearing them so effortlessly that you start swearing off color and planning a move to Paris.

Their feature in Net-a-Porter’s THE EDIT gave me that same reaction. Draped in oversized knitwear that somehow slim their already slim frames, they exude comfort and luxury. Wearing the season’s neutral color palette too well, they complete casual chic with thin gold jewelry, a signature smokey eye, and beautifully tousled hair.

Though I did not get a chance to go through the Olsen’s spread till Sunday, I must have been subconsciously inspired by it on my Saturday shopping trip. On our way home from Chapel Hill, I finally got around to getting some fall shopping done and each piece looks very similar to this spread (lots of neutral knitwear and classic pieces.)

While driving from North Carolina to Charleston I lovingly demanded a stop in Charlotte’s South Pointe Shopping Center.  2 times a year I get a few pieces that I can enjoy for much longer than a single season. Investment pieces if you will that get saved for and trigger pulled at the start of fall and spring. This year my two pieces were a pair of black Valentino flats and an Asymmetrical wool and leather paneled coat by Vince. Though the flats are truly wonderful, I can say I am most excited about the coat. The shell is thin and does not have a bit of unwanted bulk, and I could tell the materials would still keep me warm. Once I found the right size for me, (I got an XS and I am normally between a S and M) I was sold. It’s classic, has current accents and feels like something that will get way too much wear time. I am just so excited for it to cool down!  The other goodies I brought home were a few long sweaters, turtlenecks, and some more reasonable accessories like the ponyhair clutch featured in the graphic above. I mixed in some of the pieces I brought home with some other suggestions in SHOP THE POST below. I really cannot get enough of knitwear and neutrals right now. It is just so easy to look and feel put together. Happy Monday everyone! It feels great to be back in Charleston!


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Shini Park ( of Park & Cube ) has got it going on. Her voice is strong, her photography is incredible, and her outfit posts are aspirational, yet optimistically obtainable. Not to mention her blog is beautifully designed and so much fun to explore. Shini’s approach to fashion feels straightforward, honest, and timeless – adjectives I sartorially strive for everyday . Her combinations of classic and contemporary pieces inspire real-life longevity in my own closet, encouraging me to build a collection instead of simply collecting clothes.  Slowly but surely she has become a bit of a fashion icon for me.




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I have a confession… I have not purchased a new bathing suit in 2 summers, maybe 3. Not even an impulse one from Target. This is inexcusable regardless of where you live, but having grown up at the beach and now living in Charleston, I am in a pretty dire situation. Not that I had the choice, but I have decided to seriously up my beach wear ante this summer. From cover ups to tote bags to bandeaus… I am taking advantage of a “need” in my sea of wishful “wants” and running with it. I have really been drawn to this idea of feminine cuts and retro prints paired with some classic basics that can truly take you on and off the beach. I knew it was time to pull the trigger (and post about it), when I saw this incredible photo on Pinterest, and started middle-school daydreaming about packing my suitcase full of fabulous swimwear. I am almost certain both of these bathers are coming home with me, and this cover up, though utterly ridiculous, is currently being considered. I know I would wear the bejezus out of it. Justification… right? Do you guys have anything you are refreshing this season? I can’t be the only one out there!



Necklace and Key Chain by Lizzie Fortunato for Chance