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About two weeks ago a little bird told me that there is a possibility of a family trip in my future. The best part, was that it will be somewhere warm. Eager in anticipation for the big revel, I pulled some pieces to suit the expression.



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This expression is one I have been working on recently. I am making a serious effort to read more, workout before 8, have less wine night caps, and work more efficiently. As Sarah’s newest print says “Dreams don’t work unless you do.” I’ve taken that message to heart and feel like I am taking the time to make the most of me.

Though I have known about the company for some time, I first got to see and feel Marigot pajamas when Bradley from Luella and June showed me her adorable Bridesmaid’s gifts. I am unabashidly a tee shirt and boxer kind of girl on occasion so the idea of a sleepwear spruce was really appealing. I have since been scanning their site and love their new wears for spring 2013. The Maya Check Short Pajama Set ($105) is the perfect color teal and you can’t go wrong with that traditional pattern.  •   I thought this Russian alarm clock was worth a re-pin   •   I always have and always will have a childlike appreciation for D. Porthault’s Coeurs pattern in pink. I couldn’t help but include it   •   This Hanro cotton chemise ($145) is the perfect weight for the coming summer months   •   Pair these Warby Parker specs ($95) with Elizabeth Wilder’s “Pain, Parties, Work” and you will make Fallon of A Lovely Being proud (she is the one who recommended the read to me! I can’t wait for it)   •   Sister Parish makes great fabric, but they also have fun accessories! Their bedside trays are darling   •   So darling, I filled it with my go-to Gorjana stud set ($35). They are just so pretty and affordable!   •   I am dying to tear through the latest Harper’s Bazaar. Carrie is going to crush it in Gatsby! The cover is stunning.   •   I loved the all five colors in J.Crew’s Vintage Short Sleeve Pajamas ($85) but this pale citrus felt especially fun to me.