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I spent this past weekend in New York attending the annual Haberdashery Show with Southern Proper. It is my fourth time attending and I have yet to tire of the trip. It doesn’t quite feel like work when you are in New York. Despite weather that made us say “woaahhh” when we walked out of the door, we truly had a blast. I didn’t even need my new favorite blush, the wind made my cheeks plenty pink.

We stayed at the Standard High Line, a favorite of ours, and made a small dent in the meatpacking and village scene for drinks and dinners.

Of all the places we went, my favorite had to be our drinks at Margaux, a newbie out of the Marlton Hotel. The atmosphere was just fabulous. I wanted to bring the art and light fixtures home with me.

Katie Armour recommended the spot after reading a Vogue writeup. I am so glad we got the reservation. On top of hanging out with my incredible team, I got to have a quick visit with two of my all time favorite bloggers, Sarah Tolzmann of Note to Self and Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific. I am always so grateful to meet up with any creative, but these two really take the cake. We laughed more than we spoke (a regular occurrence with Sarah) and I feel so grateful to know them.

What I also love about a trip to New York is the opportunity to catch up on culture (yay wifi in the sky.) I don’t often get a huge chunk of time without a phone or to-do list, so I always go to town on the airplane, either devouring a book or flipping through mags.

Both the to and from trip proved intriguing, and I discovered some great articles and pretty products in many a magazine:

Gold and white table numbers are easy but still elegant   •••  I am not normally so girly but this floral tulle clutch is just too cute paired with nudes    •••   I am so excited about the Diana Vreeland film. “The Eye Has to Travel” indeed  •••    I recently acquired the Fresh Rice Sake Bath and the Rice Body Oil and they have totally changed my life. My skin is so much softer.  It was ironic to read an article about the benefits of beauty oil on my return trip because that was the first thing I was going to use when I got home    •••   Warby Parker announced their new spring line and I am obsessed with this Marzipan Tortoise color. I love the sunnies too   •••   Jonathan Adler’s white lacquer pieces are fabulous. Especially love the umbrella stand    •••   The next coffee table book on my list is Elizabeth Peyton    •••   I was excited to find the new to me designer, Cedric Charlier. I like his color-block shapes and sturdy fabrics    •••   A Theory Sale has me praying they will add the Miriam boots in calf. I really (really) want them.

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This isn’t so much an agenda because of how disorganized my life is at the moment is but I am calling it one regardless.  My routine is in a state of flux at the moment – a here-there and everywhere that started about two weeks ago. My husband is in his fourth year of medical school and decided to spend a month of rotation work at UNC-Chapel Hill. This started at the end of September and left me in a tizzy because I hate to be alone. Especially “left” alone – If I am doing the one leaving I am totally fine with it, ha.

For our first week apart I sucked it up, cranked out design work and ate the healthiest I have in two years (it’s just kinda hard to feed your husband something delicious and fix yourself a salad) but after about 6 days I went into a panic and called my mother. She has recently been doing a lot of painting (my mother is a fine arts major from Tulane), so tempted by the idea of getting a brush back in my hand, I packed up GADABOUT and drove the hour north for a week with my mother at the beach. And it truly was bliss. I spent the week going to bed early, drinking nice wine, painting and doing wonderful, happy client work. Between the two of us we finished four pieces! You can see two of them on my instagram, here. We had so much fun we actually entertained the idea of selling some when I get my shop back up and running. So hopefully we can make that happen soon!

I would have loved to spend the remaining two weeks with that sort of schedule but after a while I sort of remembered all those reasons why I love my husband and felt it was time to make the drive to Chapel Hill… So fast forward through a fun weekend and here I am, clicking away on my computer from a better-than-expected hotel room. Today is my first day here and I have just now gotten unpacked and settled in. Though I am terribly excited to explore the area (hello, Furbish Studio) I know that getting my head on straight will take a day or two so please bear with me.

Above I gathered a few little things that caught my eye last week. Some of the pieces I have ( The Monika Vinader bracelet was a gift from a dear friend and the love crush loafers are on order ) and others I have my eye on. All the usual black, cream, and tan, haha. I hope you enjoy them!



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I am so happy to start the week off with an AGENDA from one of my favorite interior designers and lifestyle blogger, Christine DiCorcia of DiCorcia Design. I loved catching up and hearing what she has been up to. Whenever I need interior inspiration I sift through her pages.  I love her range and perspective. She highlights full projects in a way that makes the magazine almost superfluous, intermixes varied interior styles, and goes way out of her way for each one of her “get the look” posts. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into her life as of late!



1. She is Loving Aerin Lauder’s new line of fabric for Lee Jofa. | 2. She found the perfect summer hat. | 3. Her adoration for John Robshaw’s textiles is overflowing into her closet in the form of these matchstick pants from Zara. | 4. and 5. She’s been hosting lots of alfresco soirees and is lusting after these monogrammed napkins and stoneware plates for her next dinner party. | 6. She is designing a bathroom using Anna Spiro’s Higgledy Piggledy Stripe wallpaper. | 7. She is admiring the delicate feminine lines of this outdoor French Wire chair ($455). |8. She checked out the new Serena & Lily store and fell in love with the Miramar sofa. | 9. She is reading My Greek Island Home and is inspired by the gorgeous photography and writing.(spreads from the book here – click on book) | 10. She’s enjoying the bounties of gardening. | 11. She is obsessing over the Kiku chandelier from Rejuvenation.