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sen(t)əˈmen(t)l  | adjective  Prompted by feelings of tenderness, romance and nostalgia; holding on to something simple because it’s special; making selections based on substance and story.

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Living better… better living… Ill take it either way.

To me, finding the time to crack open a book, no matter the content, plays a part of that. Above are three of the many books on my reading list amongst some little aspirations and acquisitions.

I ordered a little velvet ribbon from Sara Kate Studios to tie up my sheet sets in the linen closet (and for the soon to be present wrapping season)  /  Leather, quilt, and lace make for a fresh winter look  /  Barr-Co has the loveliest packaging and their products actually work. Now that the weather has cooled, I keep their hand cream next to my bed.


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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Ours was a ton of fun. We attended the wedding of a dear friend that was just over the top incredible. They both looked so terribly happy. I can’t wait to hear about the honeymoon! I also ran into a good friend and client, Shannon Darrough from Poplin & Queen at the rehearsal party. Such a happy surprise! She and her business partner Lindsey Cheek have a lovely interior design operation going on. If you are not familiar, you should be!

Nelson and I spent our days enjoying this gorgeous fall weather going on walks, doing errands in town and getting the house squared away. Charleston has been a little slow to give up summer but after this weekend, I think she’s made her mind up. It felt so nice to bop around in sweaters and flats for a change. Above and below are a few of my favorites.