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The older I get the more I realize how important it is to take care of yourself and find some personal time. As a very social person, this was always a little hard for me. I loved the go-go-go and found it very difficult to say no to opportunities, may they be personal or professional. But something has really clicked for me this year. I am finding myself begging to stay in with my husband to watch a movie instead of going out on the town, I am going to Pure Barre 3-5 times a week, and hell, I even bought a Sonicare toothbrush and use my Clairisonic everyday. In little ways, I am starting to find time to relax, take a break, and be good to those things that are going to be with me for the long haul (aka my body, face and hair.) Basically – I am becoming an adult.

Above are some of my favorite ways to “be good to me” that I truly believe are worth the investment. I have been so happy that I went the extra mile, especially with the bedding and beauty products, and I can truly tell a difference in my daily life.


All of my closest friends know I have a serious bedding problem. Look up how much of your life is spent sleeping and it makes total sense to me. Your bedroom needs to help you forget yesterday, relish today and prepare for tomorrow… and I think the guest room is no different. I saved for quite some time to get some D. Porthault bedding for my guest room and have paired it with some Scalloped Matouk sheets and shams to finish it off. If I had not added in the Jete De Flour I would have considered this new collection from Peacock Alley – the floral Eloise pattern is so much fun and it has a softness that makes it look hand painted.  In my own room we use Matouk Luca for the comforter and shams and the sheets are a total secret steal that I will share. My mother found these Christy London sheets at a warehouse store while shopping for a party and we have both loved them so much I currently have 4 sets stocked in my linen closest for fear I wont be able to get them anymore. Considering the feel of them, really do not know how they are so reasonable but I am not complaining about it! I truly think they are just as nice as some of my others.

For the inserts and comforters I have recently found the wonderful Nancy Koltes. An upgrade from my IKEA inserts. I ordered some of her pillows on a whim from One Kings Lane and now I will never purchase anything else.  To say I am obsessed is an understatement. I would trade Christmas and birthday gifts for these things. The quality is just unreal and for as much time as I spend sitting on my bed (I work from home – bonus) and sleeping her pieces have been a worth every penny purchase. Though I seriously cannot afford her bedding at full price, I have been saving up and collecting when her One Kings Lane sale finally comes around.

Be on the lookout!

To take care of all these lovely linens I have found that I love the Kai linen wash. The scent lingers just enough after you take them out of the dryer but if I want them to smell extra good I use the Kai linen spray or a bit of Mrs. Meyers Lavender room spray to touch them up.


To be fair, I want to say that I have never really been a big beauty product girl. I truly kind of thought that it was all marketing lies and I had the skin and hair I was born with so I needed to deal with it. Well… after trying a few of my friends products I started to take this stuff seriously. Now that I am a total convert, the four skincare products I can recommend without any hesitation are the Lifeline Recovery Night Serum  //  Darphin Dermabrasion  //  Darphin Kiwi Mask   // M-61 Fast Blast Citrus mask. I have seen a tremendous difference in the health and glow of my skin and know it is from these products.

You may have seen on my instagram that I recently pulled the trigger on a salon level blowdryer (my old one was a $20 Conair from Target that died a tragic death). After reading like 10 reviews I had to see if the Harry John Pro Tools lived up to the hype. It did. This thing has totally changed my life. I mean it. My hair is dry in 8 minutes and looks 16 times better than had I blown it out and straight ironed it for 30 mins. I am so excited to cut back on all the damage I know I was doing with my old one.

Good bath towels have been something I would have never thought I would appreciate as much as I do now. Nelson and I were fortunate enough to receive some lovely sets for our wedding so I kind of lucked out from the get go. It really has been such a treat to have them for ourselves, but also to put them out on the guest bed for company. They just make you feel a bit cleaner and happy. My favorite recent find has been these Matouk Auberge Towels – I love the clean look of the initials and hope to gift them to one of my friends for their upcoming wedding!

I would love it if you would share some of the products that keep you together! Always game for trying something new! Happy Wednesday everyone!




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A few of my favorite findings on Pinterest

The cutest tourist shirt I have ever seen.  ••   I am totally lusting over those Chanel slippers. If anyone knows any info on them I would be so appreciative! I also have my eye on these beauties. Saw them on the most adorable girl in New York and loved the sharp point and sweet bow combo.  ••  The redesign on this simple Madewell tote is just enough to edge it up.  •• I adore the floral pattern on this Steven Alan top and dress.  ••   Furbish has some great new arrivals. This Antwerp floor lamp is incredible in my opinion.  ••  Emerson Fry can do no wrong and her newest line proves it. I love her coats – especially the  parka, gusset coat, and of course, all the made to orders (dream on).   ••  The Helmut Lang wool blend top is just wow. The structure is great and I would pair it with something a feminine like these Topshop Vamp heels and a top handle bag.