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Today is our last day in Seattle and we have had too much fun. The dinners and day trips have all been incredible and the weather is being so cooperative. This vacation could not have come at a better time and I feel so grateful to be on it!

I thought I would share a couple of restaurants visited in Seattle. If you live in the area and have not given these places a whirl I would highly recommend each and every one of them!





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A few of my most recent findings…

I have been so drawn to gallery walls lately. A piece by Hugo Guinness is always the perfect addition.  ••  This Pleated Shirtdress ($84) from Topshop is a Theory look-alike. It would make a great transitional piece.  ••  I am not normally one for a sunburst mirror but the Clarendon Mirror ($119) has a oceanic quality that elevates it.  ••  I am going to start watching the interior work of Jon Call a little more closely now. •• This Cloud Top from Kenzo ($495) is a great balance between classic and current.  ••  I so appreciated the peak into Carolina Herrera Baez’s master bedroom   ••  I rarely stray from my Soludos, but the Bailey Espadrilles from Pour La Victoire ($53) are too cute. I love the capped toe accent.



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Around the middle of July I start getting excited for Fall. It is not that I dislike summer, but I appreciate expected change in my life and all the possibilities that come from it. It feels like something exciting is around the corner and I get the antsy for it to get here. It does not help that pre-fall starts pouring into my favorite online shops and magazines, leaving me thinking about sweater weather and scarves. Though I know I may be jumping the gun (except for the super on-it girls who buy seasons ahead) I have recently been trying to get a start my fall wardrobe to spread it out a bit.

The Celeste D’Orsay Heels ($350) by Vince made their way home with me. They are comfortable, the cut is perfect and it is so nice to be wearing a shorter heel. Their classic shape and long wear time justified the cost, and I truly think they will be worn ragged by the end of winter.  Another fun purchase was the Grace Blouse by Equipment ($218). The contrast collar is so crisp, and brings a more current accent to an otherwise classic cut. I think it will pair so nicely with jeans, skirts and blazers and be interchangeable in so many outfits. In addition to these two I have rounded up some other pieces that I thought looked promising. I hope you enjoy them!