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Here is a a little glimpse into my last seven days…

Caitlin Flemming and Grant Gibson made their way down to Charleston this past week! I was so honored to meet both of them! I am a long time admirer of everything they have going on. They could not have been any more fun. On Thursday Caitlin came over to shoot my studio space for her blog, Sacremento Street, and brought Grant along. It was a quick bit of shooting and alot of laughter and then they popped off to some of my favorite local antique shops. I loved following along on Instagram during their stay. It made me remember just how beautiful Charleston really is.

I was inspired by this recipe for Thyme Lemonade and these Landon Metz and Brad Troemel Poppy Paintings on Pinterest. The colors are so appealing to me right now and I am saving this drink for my next shindig at the house.

I had a field day on Zara and I snagged this little tribal number. I cannot wait for it to get here!

I loved the ease and glow of this bedroom and the color of the walls. Such a soft, yet mature green.

I am putting together my annual Soludos order. I wear mine so frequently that they only last a season. I love these color-block black and white ones.

I was so happy to stumbled onto Savannah based textile designer, Kathryn Maresca of Maresca Textiles. Her work is gorgeous and I think very unique. I loved her shagreen pillows and tabletop linens!

I am really wanting to start a small little herb garden. These coral-crackle pots are so special and might just be the motivation I need to do it. (I love how I need to get motivated to make a 20 minute herb garden – pathetic). The updated chinoserie pattern is perfect and the cracked glaze makes them look a bit older.

And finally,  I sucked it up and started day one of my pure barre classes this morning.  I will spare you the representational picture of me dying at 7 am. It was brutal but I have got to get on it!

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So I totally started this Q & A series out of selfishness! I need your help! I know my readers are incredibly smart and more importantly savvy so I am hoping you can shed some insight on the wonderful city that is Seattle.

Nelson and I have very graciously been included on a one week cruise to Alaska this July with his family. We couldn’t be more excited (Allasskkkkaaaaa – think Sandra and Ryan in The Proposal). I have heard from others who have taken the trip that the weather is perfect and the scenery borders on surreal. Also, it is one of those small cruise ships that really focusses on making everyone comfortable! So so far it sounds divine! I am even leaving my computer at home so I can catch up on some reading and real-life appreciation!

Since we have to fly into Seattle to start the cruise, Nelson and I decided we would leave a little early and get a taste of the city before hoping on the boat. We have both only been when we were too young to appreciate it so we wanted to have some time to explore! We will most likely have two full days and one night there so I would love to ask you guys where would you stay? Where would you go to eat? Is it a walkable city? What would you do? We are total foodies so I wont lie – the dining will prob be our main focus ha! But if anyone has done anything worth mentioning or checking out I would love to hear it! I am always shocked at how many West Coast readers I have so I am hoping yall have taken a trip at one point or another!! I cant wait to check out everyone’s suggestions! Thank you again!!!


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LIFESTYLE florence welch vogue

This month’s Vogue really was a good one. An obvious “wow” was Carrie Mulligan’s Great Gatsby spread. I still cannot get over that garden or the shot of her by the stairs. A less obvious gem was the peak into Florence Welch’s London home titled “Rock the Casa” (which she did). It was a tough call, but I decided to highlight Welch. Though the focus was interiors, I was equally amused by her personal styling.

Florence is just one of those girls that can kind of wear anything. Her eclectic, yet feminine style coupled with the red-headed rocker mentality has girls saying “I could never pull that off.” And most are right to say so. I surely couldn’t. But what I could pull off and what I think she does such a good job with, are pieces that play with mis-matched patterns and color confidence. It’s pretty obvious that these pieces dont all go together, in fact they feel a little “real-life” wrong to me, but I couldnt help but like it on some level. It just feels fun. florence welch

Whether you appreciate these picks as individuals or can find a pair for pattern play, there is a little something for every level of eye-catching. Check out the lookbook below for some more of my favorite patterns, prints, and pieces influenced by Florence Welch.