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What Good Fortune

With four company collections and two for VPL, jewelry designer Elizabeth Fortunado seems to have stumbled upon some of her own.

Rebecca Taylor Spring 2010, click to expand

Rebecca Taylor Spring 2010

Pretty patterns + floaty fabrics + heavy hues = what makes Rebecca Taylors’s Spring 2010 line 1/3 unique. While most would expect the ever popular pastilles to finish off her hat trick, Taylor scores with something a bit stronger. Jewel tones in brights and bolds bounced down the runway, accentuating what looked to be a few more structured silhouettes. It was a charming change. Now, I just wish the weather would catch her drift.

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A Single Man

It is a bit of a debate if Tom Ford really traded fashion for film in his first movie, A Single Man. Making his directorial debut this past February 13th, it is hard to tell if his work is poignant or just perfectly shot. But no matter what accentuates the aesthetic, A Single Man is not just for the sartorialist. Based on the 1964 novella by Christopher Isherwood, the one-day plot line truly pivots on real performance. Staring Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode and Nicolas Hoult, the cast couldnt be better suited for the 1962 Los Angeles setting.

The film was written, directed and produced by Tom Ford. Screenplay authorship was shared by Ford with Chris Weitz, while Andrew Miano and Robert Salerno aided in production. Editing was handled in entirety by Joan Sobel and music was coordinated by Abel Korzeniowki and Shigeru Umebayasho. Along with Oscar nominated Arianne Phillips in costume design, Dan Bishop in production design, and director of photography Eduard Grau, the behind-the-camera talent helped to tailor an already moving motion picture.